How does a robot resemble af fish?


Via ButJunkie
What on earth is the reason that Nissan builds a bunch of small cute robot ‘chickens on wheels’ that drive around in a circle? well it’s not as far fetched as you should think.

If we assume that the roads will become ever more filled with cars in the future we might need a system that can drive the cars by itself without human intervention. The reason is, that computers can control cars more fluidly and safe.

This setup by Nissan tries to figure out how fish organize their movements in ‘schools’ which creates the very caracteristic patterns om movement. The robots move in such a manner, that they avoid having someone else behind them – thereby avoiding collision and enabling allmost unison movement by emergent behaviour. That is – each individual adhers to simple rules and thereby creating a more complex group behaviour. Click on the piture to read more about this.



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