Safest car in the world – for the pedestrian

As a follow up on my blog on the Nissan school-of-fish car controlling robots I thought the news of Volvo creating a car that ‘will break for people’ is quite relevant. In the DARPA projects there have been put a lot of work into creating cars that can navigate by themselves, and drive acordingly to the traffic around them – but with the experiments carried out by Volvo some is this authonomy is being build into a product available for everybody (that is who can afford a brand new S60).

In short the car is equipped with a camera that is able to detect and identify moving objects around the car. If an object should happen to be a humanbeing on what is expected to be a collision course – then the Heads Up Display (coool technolgy) wil light up and a warning signal will alert the driver. If the driver dosen’t react within a short timeframe, then the car itself will come to a halt as quickly as possible. At higher speeds the system is intended to reduce speed at impact rather than completely stop.

This has the potential to save the life of quite a few pedestrians – I just wonder how well it does with people on bicykles.

Read more about this great step towards turning the regular car into a semi-robot-car (in danish) by clicking this link (via Ingeniøren)


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