Playing while cleaning

It seems that most of those who dabble in robotics are the nerdy types who would prefer not to do the cleaning up – and this is (among other reasons) why the robot vacuum cleaner is quickly turning into a popular base for doing quick mock-ups of experimental robot projects.

One example is the classic youtube clip with a japanese fellow who hooks his Roomba up with a Wii Balanceboard… fun stuff, and so utterly simple it’s allmost cheating. See the clip below.

The latest example I have come across is the live reinactment of one of the most popular arcade games ever into a robot vacuum setting… see it below, or read more at RoboticsBlog.

Finally in our own RoboDays ranks we had a guy do a roomba hacking project for our last robotfestival i september 2009. It is annoying in a really cool way. See a video of it below:


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