Robots that move…

How should a robot move? The most famous example is R2D2 and C3P0 from Star Wars.. one biped humanoid walking robot, and one with wheels (and the occasional jet-burst). We also see examples of flying robots or authonumous devices – however the issue here is in a 2D situation.

Actually most robots don’t move around – but in case they need to, the easiest way is to equip them with a number of wheels or caterpillar tracks – as we know so well from playing around with Mindstorms. Walking on two or more feets introduce new balance issues but is possible. 

Once you got the moving part down – the next issue is to get the robot to go where you want it to go. In traditional robot education we have the task of following a line on the ground – thereby gathering information from the souroundings and adapting / steering accordingly. Simple but not always easy depending on the situation.

Now the same principle has been put into use in a nano-sice robot. Since this sice does not give you the possibility of wheels, the choice has fallen on legs – but with a ‘track’ or line with guidance information to guide the bot on it’s path.

Read more about it at gizmags article.


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