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Aikido on west Fuen

This just to toot my own horn. A year ago now I have started a dojo in my hometown of Vissenbjerg on Vestfyn (West Fuen). The name of the dojo is Vestfyn Aikikai. We practice Nishio style Aikido, aiki toho, ken-tai-ken and ken-tai-jo.

Read more about here: or on our Facebook group.


it’s the season…

Ho ho ho… who wouldn’t want a robot under the christmas tree this year? I know at least a handful of different ‘bots’ that I would enjoy unwrapping, and no.. the Roxxxy is NOT one of them. Frank Tobe from The Robot Report has assumed the holliday spirit and have created a list of robot-presents for all the members of the family… He suggests:

The Robot Report’s 2010 Robotic Xmas Gifts Picks List:

… For all ages: Parrot’s AR.Drone iPhone-controlled quadcopter.
… For Mom: a robotic vacuum from Neato or iRobot.
… For Dad: the adaptive cruise control option for his new car.
… For Grandparents and their grandkids: Pleo, the baby dinosaur.
… For little kids: Zhu Zhu pets.
… For pre-teen boys: RoboRaptor.
… For pre-teen girls: Bossa Nova’s Penbo robot and her baby Bebe.
… For robotically-interested 10 yo and older: LEGO Mindstorm robot kit.

I highly recommend you subscribe to his newsletter if you are interested in robot technology. Mr. Tobe has quite a lot of experience with robots, and his newsletter is alway interesting to read.


Denmark and Japan closer after personal initiative

A contact of mine in Japan has created a great initiative. Naoya Segawa is one of the few japanese people I have meet who is fluent in Danish. He was kind enough to show me and some colleagues around in Kyoto in 2009, and we had a great day with many good experiences.

He wishes to tie closer relations between Japanese people and the country of Denmark, and I can only encourage this. If japanese people will be as fascinated about Denmark as I am about Japan, then there is great possibilties for us to learn from each other.

Read more about this initiative here: 

Japan-Denmark relations organisation

Japan-Denmark relations organisation


Two latte, a green tea.. four bananas and a blowdryer??

One of the things from Japan that really stands out in my memory is not the shrines or the funky clothes people wear… it is the noumerous vending machines making cold (and now hot) coffee available on allmost every corner or train platform. I rapidly got addicted to a small blue can of Mountain Blue coffee spiked with loads of cream and sugar… the caffein/sugar kick was highly addictive… From my first to my second visit to Japan they introduced hot cans as well, and now they have gone even further.. as you can see in this article on CScout and this article on the same page. One can only guess what will be next… pets spring to mind… or perhaps robots?


Mount Fuji

Today – after three stays in Japan I finally got to see Mount Fuji. The two first times it was too cloudy.

This morning however I woke up at the 35. floor of my hotel here in Yokohama to see what truly is quite breathtaking.

I will upload pictures from my phone once I get a chance.

Now on to visit prof. hirose.


Robot trip to Japan

Just to show off: I will go to Japan for two weeks from the 15th of november to meet and greet with as many robot-companies over there as possible. For example I have just received confirmation that I can come and visit this company: in Kyoto.  I will also attend the iREX in Tokyo and give a presentation about danish robot research at the ET robot contest in Yokohama. I am very much looking forward to this trip – should anybody else wish to invite me to see their robot lab now that I am there – please drop me a mail.


A humanoid that can jump

We have had some experience with the Nao from Aldebaran – and that is a cute robot with quite an impressive array of moves and a very easy to use programmersinterface, but it is being surpassed quickly by this little ‘fella’… The Ropid has as many as 30 degrees of freedom and it combines this with a very cool japanese manga-style posture and a flowing movement unlike anything I’ve seen before. I can only encourage you to go to the webpage and take a look at some of the videos that show what this thing can do. I definately want one…

Need I say it’s japanese?