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it’s the season…

Ho ho ho… who wouldn’t want a robot under the christmas tree this year? I know at least a handful of different ‘bots’ that I would enjoy unwrapping, and no.. the Roxxxy is NOT one of them. Frank Tobe from The Robot Report has assumed the holliday spirit and have created a list of robot-presents for all the members of the family… He suggests:

The Robot Report’s 2010 Robotic Xmas Gifts Picks List:

… For all ages: Parrot’s AR.Drone iPhone-controlled quadcopter.
… For Mom: a robotic vacuum from Neato or iRobot.
… For Dad: the adaptive cruise control option for his new car.
… For Grandparents and their grandkids: Pleo, the baby dinosaur.
… For little kids: Zhu Zhu pets.
… For pre-teen boys: RoboRaptor.
… For pre-teen girls: Bossa Nova’s Penbo robot and her baby Bebe.
… For robotically-interested 10 yo and older: LEGO Mindstorm robot kit.

I highly recommend you subscribe to his newsletter if you are interested in robot technology. Mr. Tobe has quite a lot of experience with robots, and his newsletter is alway interesting to read.


Go create… YouBot

Ít is time… sign up pronto for this years RobotSummerCamp. See the newspost at the RoboDays website for more info.

Age group 13-16 – lot’s of fun – five days in Odense at a VERY low price.


Pleo should decide it’s path before it start walking

At the GetRobo homepage you can read an interview with one John Sosoka – one of the founders of Ugobe and one of the fathers of Pleo. It is quite interesting and especially one quote is relevant whenever you want to introduce new technology to a market of potential buyers.

“The problem was Ugobe as a company was never able to settle on who the customer was. Is Pleo a super Furby, a high-end toy, a companion robot for adults, or is it just a cool robot that you can program yourself which can also be used as a platform for research? We couldn’t figure out as a company what to do, and as a result, even if we had gotten past the funding challenge, we would very likely have hit the next block.”

When you provide a physical product – then it must be clearly who you are adressing with the product. With information it is a different story though…

Read the interview here.