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Vestfyn Aikikai – going to Japan

Vestfyn Aikikai – going to Japan

Well.. I finally scraped enough money together to pay for my bi-annual trip to Japan. This time with Aikido as the main purpose, as it has been before – yet never to this extend.

Previously I have been a student in other dojo’s and when I went there in 2009 it was strictly business. The same in 2011, but this time – I am actually the dojo-cho of Vestfyn Aikikai, and to my good fortune I even managed to convince one of my students to tag along. He is a 3. kyu and very hooked on aikido, and I look forward to introducing him to a row of great senseis over there.


Robot car that adapts to your style of driving

I usually claim that robots are fast on their way into our homes and lives – it seems DRIVSCO is agreeing – at least when it comes to our cars. They are currently working on a new robotic system to help you drive your car. It will be able to learn how you drive your car and what is the characteristics of your way of driving.

They write on their homepage that their work will “combine adaptive learning mechanisms with conventional control, starting with a fully operational human-machine interfaced control system and arriving at a strongly improved, largely autonomous system after learning, that will act in a proactive way using different predictive mechanisms.”

This might be the biggest lifesaver in traffic since the seatbelt. Read more at their homepage.