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… but I wanna go…

Usually I am pro-robots in many ways, but this ticks me off… Apparently NASA is working on sending robots into space.

This article (in danish) and this youtube video tells the story.

First time I find myself being jaloux of a robot…

Edit: may 3rd: Now it is also the rumor that SOHLA (a japansese organisation not completely unlik NASA) will spend an obscene amount of about 1 mill. Yen to put a biped humanoid robot onto the surface of Mars. One can only wonder why they want to do that. Robots with wheels or caterpillar tracks are usually much better at dealing with rough terrains, and the humanoid robot tech is so far not really that impressive… Never the less  they have their hearths set on going through with this.. It may be a media stunt, or just an experiment to prove that the robot dream is alive… a rather expencive dream though… Click on the picture below and read the story at Gizmag, or click here to read it at pink-tentacle.

SOHLA is planning to send a humanoid robot to the moon by 2015 (Image: SOHLA)